Freno Brake Fluid DOT 3 250ml

Atlantic Freno 4T DOT-3 Brake Fluid is a heavy-duty, high boiling point, synthetic brake and hydraulic clutch-release fluid. It is suitable for all conventional drum and disc brake systems under arduous conditions. Care should be taken that Atlantic Brake fluid DOT-3 should not be used in hydraulic systems for which mineral base fluids are specified.



High Performance Glycol Ether Based Brake Fluid – 250ml


Atlantic Freno Brake Fluids are premium quality, non-silicone, non-mineral/petroleum based, fully synthetic brake fluid designed for use in a wide range of brake and clutch applications. it offers superior dry and wet boiling points and maintains viscosity in cold and hot environments.


Recommended for re-fill or top-up of brake and clutch systems in passenger cars, 4WD’s, motorcycles, light and heavy duty & clutch hydraulic fluid.

DOT 3 suitable for use where the vehicle manufacturer specifies DOT 3 brake fluid.

Note: Intermixing of brake fluids of different grades is not recommended. Intermixing may impact braking performance of some brake systems. This product is not miscible with silicone based  brake fluids. This product is not compatible with any mineral or synthetic oil based fluids.

Performance Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent braking response due to high boiling point of fluid.
  • High wet boiling point ensures long term retention of fluid performance.
  • Better performance for life of fluid.
  • Compatible with all common brake system materials.
  • Borate esters to scavange water and maintain ERBP as the fluid ages.
  • Anti-corrosion properties: complete brake system protection.
  • Elastomer compatibility: No leakage or fluid bosses.

Industry Specifications:

DOT 3 – FMVSS No 116 DOT3, SAE J1703, ISO 4925 Class 3, AS 1960-2005 Grade1

Meets the quality requirements of European Manufacturers

Storage Stability:

Storage time is up to three years in sealed, metal, bulk containers. Protection should be provided to prevent any moisture contamination. Moisture contamination will result in a 5-10°C boiling point drop for each 0.1% of water absorbed.

Warning: Avoid contact with skin, varnish & point. If skin contact occurs wash with water.

Atlantic Freno DOT3 Brake Fluid

Atlantic Freno DOT3 Brake Fluid Benefits

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