Max Power 20W 50 SL/CF 1 Litre

Very High Quality Oil.
It contains a pack of 1 Litre with API SL-CF.
Special friction control component added

Engine Condition: Average or Lower Average
Engine Type: Petrol & Diesel
Engine 660cc to onword with Mileage: 70,000km or more
Engine 50cc to 200cc with Mileage: 0km or more


Motorbike Engine Oil 20W-50 Atlantic Max Power 5000 1Litre


Atlantic Max Power Engine Oils are made in UAE and are premium quality engine oils developed to the highest standards of lubricant quality, reliability and dependable protection.


Atlantic Max Power Engine Oils are suitable for a variety of automobiles, modern, high-output, multi-valve, turbocharged & supercharged Gasoline powered passenger cars and Diesel powered light duty vehicles. These superior grade, highly shear-stable, multi-grade gasoline engine oils are formulated for passenger cars and light truck engines requiring optimum performance under all operating conditions.


Atlantic Max Power Engine Oils are specially formulated with high viscosity index mineral oil utilizing latest additive technology, shear stable polymer and efficient detergent additive package to provide reliable engine protection under extremely severe operating condition. This oil is also approved by leading car manufactures and meets the latest industry standards for service fill use.

Performance Features and Benefits:

• Excellent oxidation stability to reduce engine deposits and sludge build-up to keep engines running reliably
• Enhanced low temperature capabilities for flawless cold weather starting
• Excellent engine cleanliness and lower combustion residues.
• Excellent high and low temperature properties to provide dependable protection across a wide range of driving conditions
• Good protection against rust and corrosion
• Superior dispersants provide excellent control over soot induced oil thickening.

Recommendations  and Specifications:

International Standards:

Recommended for Use:
Ford, GM, PSA, BMW, VW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz

Atlantic Max Power Engine Oil 20W-50 1Liter

Atlantic Max Power 20W-50 - 4Stroke Engine Oil

Atlantic Max Power 20W-50 - 4Stroke Engine Oil

20w-50 Max Power Engine Oil Benefits

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