Max Power Calcium Base Chassis Grease MP3 15kg

Calcium Based Chassis Grease contains a 15 Kilograms plastic bucket pack with NLGI Classification 1 that is better water resistance than NLGI grade 0.

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Atlantic Max Power Chassis Grease – Calcium Based MP3 Grease 15KG


Atlantic Chassis Grease is a calcium-based grease especially formulated for chassis lubrication and protection. It is water resistant and contains extreme pressure and tackiness agents, making it particularly effective in severe application such as large trucks and off-highway equipment used in the construction industry.

Product Benefits:

  • Long service life;
  • Good shear-stability and resistance to vibration;
  • Excellent tackiness;
  • Good pumpability;
  • Good water resistance.

Chassis Grease Calcium Based MP3 Max Power Grease

Chassis Grease

Chassis Grease Calcium Based MP3 Max Power Grease

Additional information

Weight 15 kg


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