Atlantic Windscreen Cleaner Concentrate 50ml

Car Window/Screen Cleaning Spray contains 50 ml in a plastic bottle.



Car Windscreen Cleaner Concentrate – Car Window Glass Cleaning Spray

Product Description:

Windscreen Cleaner Concentrate is a highly effective cleaning concentrate which has been specially formulated for vehicle windscreen washer systems as well for manual cleaning of vehicle windows.


  • High cleaning efficiency.
  • Removes films of oil and silicone.
  • Phosphate-free and biodegradable.
  • Removes exhaust deposits and preservative residues.
  • Guarantees streak-free vision.
  • Increases driving safety.
  • Does not attack rubber, paints or plastics.


  • Minimum recommended dilution is 1st part of concentrate to 20 parts of water.
  • Empty the pouch in vehicle’s water bottle and fill up with clean tap water.
  • Ensure water jets come on middle of the screen.

Car Window Screen Cleaner

Car Window Screen Cleaning Spray

Car Window Screen Cleaner

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