Atlantic Engine Oil Coolant 1 Litre

It contains a pack of 1 litre. Atlantic anti-freeze/coolant range includes the approved and latest technology products offering outstanding protection and longer engine life.


Atlantic Anti-Freeze Radiator Coolant – 100% Concentrate


Atlantic Anti Freeze Engine Oil Coolant is an undiluted, fully formulated, long-life, heavy-duty ethylene glycol antifreeze with anti-corrosion inhibitors. It offers total and permanent protection of the cooling system. It contains no nitrates, phosphates, or amines.


Atlantic Anti Freeze Coolant is designed for use in cooling circuits of the open or closed type (vehicles and heating). Suitable for automotive and heavy-duty petrol and diesel engines found in on-road, off-road, marine, farm, mining and construction equipment. Dilute with demineralized water.


Atlantic Anti Freeze Coolant is a hybrid antifreeze, containing the combination of organic additive technology inhibitors boosted with borate, nitrite, nitrate, molybdate and silicate inorganic corrosion inhibitors. It is a low silicate, phosphate and amine free antifreeze suitable for heavy-duty applications without supplemental coolant additives.

Product Benefits:

  • Anti-corrosion inhibitors;
  • Provides freeze protection to -37°C and boil over protection to 129°C;
  • Amine and phosphate free;
  • A clean cooling system with protection from sludge and scale deposits;
  • Typically provides five years, or 240,000 kilometers service;
  • Miscible and compatible with other engine antifreeze;
  • Low silicate level also provides aluminium compatibility;
  • Protection against frost;
  • Protection against cavitation’s corrosion;
  • Effective engine cooling without boiling.

Filling Instructions:

Diluted with clean water (preferably demineralized) to a concentration of between 30%, that ensures satisfactory protection against corrosion for light vehicles, and 50%, which is the recommended concentration to achieve the best degree of protection performance for larger diesel engines. In a clean cooling system, Atlantic Anti Freeze Engine Oil Coolant will deliver optimum performance and protection for up to one year upon which the system should be drained and refilled. When topping-up system, use antifreeze diluted with the appropriate amount of water.


Atlantic Anti Freeze Coolant Concentrated - 1 Liter
Atlantic Anti-Freeze Coolant Concentrated – 1 Liter



Atlantic Anti-Freeze Coolant Concentrated 5L

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