Top Gear 85W 140 GL5 1 Litre

This Manual Transmission Fluid contains a pack of 1Litre


Gear Oil – Extreme Pressure Manual Transmission Fluids

SAE: 85W140



Atlantic Top Gear Oils EP is a range of premium mineral automotive gear oil manufactured with modern extreme pressure additives and friction modifiers, meeting the requirements of API GL-5/6 and MT-1, as well as many other manufacturer specifications. It contains the correct dosage of limited-slip additive eliminating the need for an additional product when used in limited slip differentials. Through their mono-grade and multi- grade viscosity characteristics they meet the requirements of several automotive manufacturers for passenger cars and commercial trucks or buses.


Atlantic Top Gear Oils EP are designed for use in differentials, both hypoid and limited slip, manual gearboxes, transfer ases and trans-axles in passenger cars, light commercials, 4WDs, trucks, construction, earth-moving and agricultural equipment, where this viscosity grade is required.


Atlantic Top Gear Oils EP provides a superior level of protection in heavy duty conditions including shock loads, preventing wear and maintaining the life of critical parts. The multi-purpose formulation allows greater flexibility while minimizing inventory levels, especially for differential applications.

Product Benefits:

  • Anti-shudder additive technology
  • Superior thermal stability
  • Longer drain intervals
  • Compatible with all seal and metal types
  • Minimizes inventory
  • High safety margin against foaming and corrosion
  • Superior protection against scoring & spalling wear
  • Maintains cleanliness & reduces abrasive wear
  • Very good wear protection, even under severe load conditions.

Recommendations and Specifications:

API GL-5/GL-6/MT-1/PG-2, MIL-L-2105D, L-PRF-2105E, GM HN 1181/1187/1386/1561, China National GB 13895-1992, Ford ESW-M2C1006-B/1013-A/104-A/105-A/197-A Meets or exceeds the quality requirements of numerous vehicle manufacturers such as IVECO, MAN, SCANIA and VOLVO for heavy vehicles rear axles and final drive units.

Atlantic Top Gear Oil 85w140 GL-5

Manual Transmission Fluid


Manual Transmission Fluid

Manual Transmission Fluid

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