Motorcucle Engine OIL Atlantic X 20W 50 SG/CD 1 Litre

Premium High Performance Multi-grade Engine Oil 20w-50 SG-CD contains a pack of 1 Litre.


  • Engine Condition: Average or Lower Average
  • Engine Type: Petrol & Diesel
  • Engine 800cc to onword with Mileage: 80,000km or more
  • Engine 50cc to 200cc with Mileage
  • : 0km or more



Premium High-Performance Multi-grade Motorbike 20w50 Engine Oil


Atlantic X Engine Oils are premium, high performance multigrade engine oil formulated from high quality base oils and combined with modern performance additives to help provide long engine life and protect critical engine parts from lubricant related failures for up to 5,000 miles, providing wide temperature range protection. So we ensure the premium high performance multi-grade motorbike 20w50 engine oil.


Atlantic X Engine Oils are specially formulated using extra cleaning additive to help protect against sludge and engine deposits. Additionally, pour point depressants and a viscosity index (VI) improvers are included to provide the optimum fluidity and viscosity across a broad range of temperatures & to provide extra protection against the harmful effects of stop-and-go driving and high and low temperature engine operation. It contains a double layer of engine wear protection with FULL ZINC FORMULATION.

Performance Features and Benefits:

  • Superior engine wear protection
  • Superior cleansing technology to help stop dirt and sludge build up
  • Reduced high temperature engine deposits
  • Superior engine protection during start up, warm-up and normal driving conditions
  • Long-term wear protection of engine parts (distribution, ring, plunger and liner) increasing engine life.
  • Can be used in both Diesel & LPG engines
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability
  • Reduces wear due to advanced base oils
  • Helps clean and protect older engines
  • Meets the most demanding car manufacturer’s requirements
  • Ensures the important engine seals stay soft and pliable to minimize oil leakage


Atlantic X Engine Oils are suitable for petrol engines fitted with conventional carburetors and for naturally aspirated or turbo-charged indirect injection diesel engines (passenger cars and light industrial) vehicles. It could be used in all operating conditions (city traffic, road, motorways), whatever the season.

International Standards:


Recommended for use:

Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Ford, GM, PSA, BMW, VW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz

motorbike engine oil
Motorcycle Engine Oil 20w50 SG-CD in 1Litre

Passenger Car Engine Oil 20w50 Atlantic X 20Litres Passenger Car Engine Oil 20w50 Atlantic X 20Litres Passenger Car Engine Oil 20w50 Atlantic X 20Litres

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